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BJHS Students: 3D Printer Champions

3D Printer Champs!

Thank you Mrs. Renee Watterson for sharing the following good news!

"We had our 3D printing competition IDX in Twin Falls on Saturday, Nov 14h. BJHS had 2 team to represent them very well. The theme was to invent or improve an idea for visually impaired or blind individuals. 

The students were amazing! Couldn't be prouder!
Soap on the Rope team won Student Choice award which earned $250.00 for the 3D printer program. Bobkittens team did very well but unfortunately did not place. (They should have!) 

Shelly Rasmussen, teacher, was a mentor for the Bobkitten team which had Kiana, Lohoney, Keiliegh, Charmaine, Natalie and (Emiline not present.)

Renee Watterson, teacher, was a mentor for the Soap on the Rope team which had Cody, Kolby, Kaleb, Isaac, and (Xander not present.) Kaleb had to leave before the awards.

Was a great day for students in the Cassia County School District. Go Bobcats!!! "