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Tech Center Grants

Cassia Regional Technical Center director, Curtis Richins, announced the awarding of over $70,000 in grants that will significantly enhance programs designed to make high school students career ready and provide needed skills in a competitive work environment.


According to Richins, “Cassia Regional Technical Center is very fortunate to be awarded these grants. This funding enables us to upgrade and acquire the equipment for our students to train with what is used in industry. We are appreciative of ARTEC and ARTE I for their generosity."

CRTC offers a total of nine programs that are available for all Cassia students. The Advanced Regional Technical Education Coalition (ARTEC) is the regional technical charter school that supports areas technical schools and programs. Grants are applied to and awarded by the ARTEC board of directors.

The following programs were notified of their awards.



$8,970 = Architectural Drafting (CADD)

$20,925 = Automotive Technology

$13,530 = Residential Construction

$4,420 = Electronics

$6,450 = EMT

$10,600 = CNA

$10,415 = Graphics


A few of the planned purchases include: 

A tire machine to remove and install tires and a state of the art tire balancer that is now being used at all the dealers and tire places. (Automotive Construction)

 Typography and Letterform classroom books for a dual credit class with CSI, MacOS Server, Chairs for the classroom, and Electric Projection screen. (Graphics)

 Large format printer ( CADD)

 ARTEC President, Michael Arrington, explained the value of the technical grants to regional programs. “When we give someone a task without the tools to properly do the work they won’t be able to be successful.  The equipment and tools purchased with these grant funds allow students to have real world experiences with tools similar to those they will find being used in industry.”


The grant applications are due in September, awarded in October and purchases must be made by mid December for use during the 2019-2020 school year.