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The online registration portal is ready! 

You can use the same link, listed below, for returning and new students. 

Returning students : May register at anytime. Once you are in the portal, you need to check the box that you live in the district (otherwise you will not be able to continue.)  
Go to

You will need the student’s ID number* and the student's Date of Birth to log in to the Registration Gateway.  Then follow the online instructions to update any information.  If the information in the grayed boxes are correct, you do not need to enter anything.  After you are finished, click "Save and Next."   

*This is the number used for lunch and activity cards **you get this number from emailing:

Please call your school secretary to retrieve the student ID

For new students: When you get to the landing page, you will set up a new account. [If you do not live in this school district, you will need to go through the Open Enrollment Process, first, at the District Office.  Once you do that, you can do the online enrollment.]  


We have also attached some easy to follow files to assist youParent Instructions for Registering Online