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March Board Meeting Update

Board of Trustees discussed next steps for facilities, overcrowding and other building needs following a school bond failure on March 12th. The Board met for a work session prior to their regularly scheduled public meeting on Thursday, March 21. The Board heard public comment during their regular meeting from several patrons who offered input and feedback on moving forward to address needs.

No decisions were made by the Board. The Board will take a variety of solutions under consideration and weigh each option carefully before taking any action. Driving future decisions will be growth and enrollment at Burley High School and Burley Junior High School.

The Board heard and discussed the following:

  • Rezoning attendance areas
  • Year round school
  • Split sessions
  • Closing aging schools
  • Grade reconfiguration
  • Open enrollment


The Board also called for bids, reviewed first and second readings of policies, discussed moving toward a 5x5 A/B schedule at Junior and Senior High Schools and heard an update on the district behavioral health program, Connect. Oakley Principal, David Wagner, presented about Oakley High School, as well. The full agenda is posted on the district website.

Board Meeting Agenda