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November 2020

 Hello John V. Evans Parents,

        Starting last Spring, just before the Covid-19 soft closure, we introduced our students to a series of renewed behavior expectations and an accompanying recognition system for following those expectations.  We have dubbed these expectations “The Bobcat Way.”  As this school year began, we renewed our focus on The Bobcat Way and officially launched the recognition system.  Below are The Bobcat Way behavior expectation posters that we have displayed in all areas of the school.  We want you to be familiar with these so you can reemphasize these behaviors with your children.

          Our recognition system is simple.  All staff members have access to bobcat coins (half-dollar-size wooden coins with a bobcat inscribed on one side).  Teachers and staff give bobcat coins to students when they see students following The Bobcat Way.  Every other week, students have the opportunity to cash-in their bobcat coins for individual reward items, privileges, or activities.

          Please familiarize yourself with The Bobcat Way and encourage your children to be outstanding citizens of JVE by following these expectations. 


Matt Seely


 "THE BOBCAT WAY" Full Matrix

JVE Classroom Rules

JVE Hallway Rules

JVE Playground Rules

JVE Cafeteria Rules

JVE Restroom Rules

JVE Bus Rules