Cassia 411 Podcast

  • Critchfield Talks Soft Closure and Other Informational Items

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 17:37

    Stop this ride, we want to get off. These are troubling times. Some thoughts and procedural items are shared on this episode. If you have more questions, please email

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  • Corona Virus and Influenza: What we have been told

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:07

    Debbie Citchfield shares what guidance the district has received from state, local and federal sources and what the district is talking about on this subject. She isn't a doctor and doesn't play one on TV. Simply sharing the national and state recommendations!

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  • Mrs. Beck Talks Out of the Box Learning

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 15:19

    Mrs. Jodie Beck, twelfth grade English teacher at Burley High School, organized a creative and innovative way to teach a staple of the classroom. Listen to her explain the project and more talk about how students learn to be adults.

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  • Mrs. Harper Talks Tech Center and Career Skills

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 16:24

    Hear from CADD (You will learn this acronym) Teacher, Lisha Harper about the advantages of a technical education and how her program and other programs help students beyond high school.

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  • Ms. Hulst talks reading challenges, literacy and developing readers.

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:07

    She's new to our district this year and sets high goals for her students. We sat down with John Evans teacher, Natalie Hulst, to talk about developing readers. She has some great tips for kids and famlies on how to promote reading. Fundamental to all learning is the ability to read. First we learn to read, then we read to learn. You'll wish your kid had her for a teacher (although we have many awesome teachers) and you'll enjoy hearing her insights!

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  • Jed Thomas Talks Students and Motivation

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 19:25

    You may have heard about Jed Thomas and his weekly blasts of motivation to students at BHS. Learn more about why he does it, how he decides what to talk about and what he thinks help youth navigate school and life. 

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  • Mr. James Talks Supplemental Levy

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 23:42

    Fiscal manager, Chris James, discusses the upcoming levy election. Lots of good info to add to wha you already know or a start to what you'd like to know! For more info visit

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  • Mr. Bowden Talks Helping Kids and Parents Cope

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 18:21

    In addition to the Connect program, we have a licensed therapist on the campuses on Declo Junior High and Cassia High School, through a grant project. Mr. Mathew Bowden talks about the challenges youth and their families are facing and how developing good communication skills, along with other skills, helps minimize some these life growing pains. He's a great resouce for our district!

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  • Mr. Johnston talks about reading at the elementary level

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 14:41

    Moutain View Elementary Principal, Derek Johnston, offers his thoughts and tips about reading at home and with young kids. 

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  • Oakley Student, Tyler Winters, Talks About Graduating Early

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 8:00

    Early graduation is an option for students and counselors can help studens think about how to get it done. Oakley High student, Tyler Winters shares some thoughts about his process. 

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  • Jeanne Allen Talks Homelessness in Cassia

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 15:35

    You may not have thought about it, but we have many homeless students and families in the district. This is a different conversation about students than we normally have. Listen to learn about it and an upcoming project to help. 

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  • Sheri Allred and Taylee Robinson Talk BHS Student Vlog

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 12:44

    Mrs. Allred, advisor to a new student communication class, and one of her students,Taylee Robinson, talks about class is working to connect students. It's called a VLOG class (think video-blog) and students are writing, filming, editing and producing news and informational spots for students, by students. A great use of multiple skills and technology, listen as they explain what they do and why they do it.


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  • Ms. Johnson Talks Student Restorative Practices

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:02

    Jessica Johnson, Burley Junior Science Teacher, uses a technique called restorative practices to help students at school. Restorative practices promote inclusiveness, relationship-building and problem-solving, through methods such as circles for teaching and conflict resolution. Listen to how Miss Johnson uses this practice and believes it helps her classroom structure. 


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  • Talking about Why We Have Earlier Out Mondays

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 9:46

    We have had them for years and we have more 12:30 early outs this year. We ask assistant Superintendent, Sandra Miller about the whys and expected outcomes. 

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  • Randy Winns talks Player and Parent Sportsmanship

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:26

    Although new to Burley High School and school athletics, Mr. Winn has a perspective as a referee and sports enthusiast. We humbly offer some suggestions about how to show support and passion while balancing sportsmanship. As a little bonus at the end, we talk about college athletes and their ability to be sponsored. 

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  • Vicki Hope Talks Transportation

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 20:01

    District transportation director, Vicki Hope, shares her experience and expertise on transporting students to school, field trips, athletic events and beyond. Learn a little about how it works and what they are looking for right now.

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  • Andrew Wray Talks Developing Student Leaders

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:23

    Student leaders need to be cultivated and mentored. Engaged students need some prodding and Mr. Wray gives some insights with his perspective of having worked with students. Good information whether you are the student, the mentor or the educator.

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  • Dr. Shank presents the State of the District Address

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 44:34

    This was recorded as he presented it, so being think "live performance" when it's a bit echo-ey (is that a word?) It's LONG, but comprehensive! Grab a snack and get comfy or take a long drive!

    We have the slides loaded on our website. Look under the Academic Tab. We hope this generates more conversation and discussion and if/when you have questions, let us know! Call the central office 208-878-6600 or email

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  • Debbie C talks about Resolving Issues and Problems

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:03

    Taking care of problems is an important part of making school a good place to be for students and families. Learn the adopted procedure for probelm resolution. 

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  • Laurie Stimpson, District Nurse, Talks Staying Healthy and the Flu Shot

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:29

    That was a long title, but that's it in a nut shell! Remind yourself about healthy habits and how Idaho laws impact immunizations.

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  • Gail Gallegos talks Safety in the District

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:18

    We have a strategic safety plan, inspite of the fact that two people can't say it well at first! Listen to actions, plans and goals for this important effort. The podcast tells you to look under the Community tab for parent information, but it's really under the Safety tab.

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  • Mrs. Carrie Carson talks about PLCs for Science Classes

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:55

    Professional Learning Communities are THE THING for Cassia teachers and students, designed to move achievment and enhance growth. How does it work for teachers and why are they getting behind it, you ask?! We sit down with a variety of teachers, in a variety subjects for an explanation of why they believe it will drive results in the classroom and increase their professional abilities.

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  • Mr. Tim Wood talks about PLCs for Music Classes

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:46

    Professional Learning Communities are THE THING for Cassia teachers and students, designed to move achievment and enhance growth. How does it work for teachers and why are they getting behind it, you ask?! We sit down with a variety of teachers, in a variety subjects for an explanation of why they believe it will drive results in the classroom and increase their professional abilities.

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  • Mr. Mike Hill talks about PLCs for Physical Education Classes

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 10:51

    Professional Learning Communities are THE THING for Cassia teachers and students, designed to move achievment and enhance growth. How does it work for teachers and why are they getting behind it, you ask?! We sit down with a variety of teachers, in a variety subjects for an explanation of why they believe it will drive results in the classroom and increase their professional abilities.

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  • Counselors + A College and Career Advisor talk about what they do

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 13:58

    College and career advising combined with strategic counseling is the perfect combo to help students make the right choices beyond high school. Figuring out what comes next can be overhwhelming, not only for students, but for parents too. Burley High School counselors and career advisor speaks about how to access their support and resources. Parents are invited to have these same conversations. ** Important dates to know for help applying for FREE to college ** Watch for info from your high schools!

    Oct 17- Oakley HS

    Oct 22- Burley HS

    Oct 29- Declo HS

    Nov 7-  Raft River HS


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  • Katie Muir talks SPARK After School Program

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 12:51

    SPARK Afterschool is a program designed to continue the learning experience, in a different way than the school day, immediately after school. This is supported by a grant to specific elementary schools. Although there's a application process to be accepted into the free program, there is an all community afterschool event planned October 23th. Katie Muir, program director, shares the details.

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  • Website and App Chat

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:35

    We have updated our website and added features in the hopes of making info easier to find and access. The App is always a great tool on your phones too. Hear some quick tips about what's new!

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  • Trustee Moon Talk about the Connect Program

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 15:37

    It's OK to say I need help! That's the message for Cassia students. Trustee Darin Moon talks about the groundbreaking district program. Connect is a resource to help address a broad range of personal difficulties that may be causing distress. Learn about the whys and hows of Connect.

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  • Cassia Teacher of the Year, Kasey Heward, Talks about Making a Difference

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:47

    Teaching in the 21st century is different AND the same as teaching in other times. Mrs. Heward shares her thoughts about reaching students and making a difference. She also shares her recommendations for reading! Tune in as the Cassia Teacher of Year shares her experiences in teaching and how she plans to help her students this year.

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  • Pam Teeter talks about Registration

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 14:26

    We are trying to make registration as easy as possible! Tune in and hear Pam Teeter, executive assistant, give you some tips on how to get it done.

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  • Dr. Shank talks about facility and maintenance changes

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 15:41

    There's a lot of talk about these changes and sitting down with Dr. Shank provides an insight to process and next steps. 

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  • Steve Copmann talks about Bullying

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:08

    One of the most frequently asked questions relates to bullying. We sat down with Steve Copmann to get his perspective on bullying and how parents can work with schools. You are going to hear some scratchy feedback at minute 2:29-2:47. IT GOES AWAY though! Give us a few seconds to get through!

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  • Introduction to the Podcast

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 4:38

    We are excited about bringing you topics and information that can better help you navigate in your school and the district!

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