•  Mission and Goals 


    District Mission Statement

      Cassia County Schools, in a cooperative effort with family and community, will vigorously challenge and prepare students to reach their highest potential to become productive and responsible citizens.


    Belief Statements   

    1.  Education is the joint responsibility of the individual, home, school, and community and lays the foundation for a successful and productive life.
    2.  If given appropriate opportunities all students can learn, achieve, and succeed.
    3.  Students must accept responsibility for their education.
    4.  Life-long learning is essential in a changing society.
    5.  Students learn better in a positive learning environment.
    6.  Each student is unique and has self worth.
    7.  Every student has a right to a safe and comfortable physical environment.
    8.  The resources of the district are focused on the mission.


    Oakley Elementary School Mission and Goals


    "Striving for excellence in a nurturing environment."



    1.     Provide a safe, pleasant, helpful environment and atmosphere, conducive to learning.
    2.     Foster and develop a love for country, community and school, and help each child appreciate his/her heritage.
    3.    Instill in students a high sense of self-respect and self-esteem, and help each student develop an understanding of and respect for the integrity, opinions and ambitions of others.
    4.    Encourage independent thought through acquisition of knowledge by various means whether they are technologically based, teacher driven, or self procured.
    5.    Teach oral and written self-expression, and to foster the exchange of ideas.
    6.     Provide a curriculum in which a student may succeed, and challenge him/her to the full extent of his/her abilities.