• Scholarships for Raft River High School 2015-2016
    Bear River High School Scholarship Page Link- This link is for our Utah residents as well as our students who may be thinking about perusing their schooling in Utah. This link goes directly to the Bear River High School (BHS) Scholarship website. Scholarships for specific Utah Schools are listed here as well as scholarships for Utah residents. Please check this website often, as it is updated weekly. Near the bottom of the BHS scholarship page, there are links for each month of the year. The monthly link will show you the scholarships that are due during that month.  If you have questions, come into my office and I can help you or you can call the Bear River High School Counseling Dept. at 435-257-2500 http://www.brhs.besd.net/Departments/Councelors/Scholarships.htm
    The Idaho Community Foundation manages over 60 different scholarship funds with varying due dates
    Scholarship America- MULTIPLE GREAT SCHOLARSHIPS - Varying Due Dates- 
    Armed Forces and Public Safety Office Scholarship- Open/No deadline
    National Society of High School Scholars- Over 20 different scholarships on this website with varying due dates
    Varsity Tutors Monthly Essay Contest- Open to Ages 16 and UP
    Wendys  High School Heisman Scholarship- Due October 4th
    Ge-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program- 
    Danny Marona Performing Arts Scholarship- 
    National FFA Scholarships- 
    Idaho School Board Association Scholarship- 
    State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship Program- 
    DL Evans Bank Scholarship-
    Farm Bureau (State of Idaho) Scholarship- Due March 15th
    See Mrs. Jensen for an application 
    Farm Bureau (Cassia County) Scholarship- Due March 15th
    See Mrs. Jensen for an application 
    PMT Foundation Scholarship- 
    BPA and DECA Merit Scholarship- 
    Community Council of Idaho Scholarship- 
    Malta Lions Club Scholarship- Due April 15th
    See Mrs. Jensen for an application
    Hal Amidan Memorial Scholarship- Due April 15th
    See Mrs. Jensen for an application 
    FCCLA, HOSA, TSA and SkillsUSA Meric Scholarships- Due April 30th
    Raft River Booster Club Scholarship- Due May 9th
    See Mrs. Jensen for an application 
    Hansen Injury Law Firm- Due August 1st