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    As a graduate of Raft River High School, I have found it gratifying to be able to return to teach here. I attended Malta Elementary as a child, Raft River Jr. High and Raft River High School. I attended the Salt Lake Community College, earning an Associate Degree of Science and went on to the Univeristy  of Utah where I obtained my Bachelor Degree of Arts, Majoring in English, minoring in Health. Wait...but she teaches music and drama, I hear you saying. Yes, I do! When I moved back to Malta, the music position was the only one open at the time, so I was hired with the stipulation that I obtain an endorsement in Music K-12, which I did. Because I have the English degree, I am able to teach Drama and the Arts and Crafts classes as Humanities courses.

    Some fun facts about me are that I play several instruments: the piano and organ, the alto saxoophone, clarinet, flute, play at the trumpet and trombone, and the guitar. I was invited to play in the Murray Concert Band when I lived in Salt Lake. I love singing, which is a plus since I instruct choir! I sang with the Sterling Singers for several years, picking up lots of hints and tips which came in handy later. 

    When I was in Jr. High and High school, I took every art class I could fit into my schedule, so it has been exciting to be able to teach Arts and Crafts.

    I live in Malta with my husband David. I have three children and four grand children. There are three step children and six step grands. We have six cats and 17 chickens...weird combination, I know.

    It has been a pleasure to teach the children of this community. These students are the best around!