•  Spanish club



    The purpose of BJHS Spanish Club is to provide exposure to the Hispanic culture, promote cultural diversity among its members, and create awareness or sensitivity to cultural differences in both the school setting and in the broader community.  Our goal is to keep former and current BJHS Spanish Club members actively involved in experiences that promote and/or preserve cultural diversity, as well as, develop healthy leadership and interpersonal skills.


    Room 175 every third Wednesday at 3:30pm.



    The basic objectives of BJHS Spanish Club, pursuant of the expressed purpose, are as follows:


    1. To teach members leadership skills.


    1. To mentor members to openly embrace new experiences and/or ideals.


    1. To help members form networks and practice teamwork skills.


    1. To encourage members to aspire for higher educational opportunities.


    1. To shape club members into upstanding role models and citizens in both school and community.