Curriculum and Instruction

  • The term curriculum can be defined in a number of ways.  To some, curriculum represents a specific course offered by the district, while to others it encompasses the entire educational environment.  Although perceptions of the term often vary from district to district, it must be recognized that “curriculum” encompasses a wide range of ideas and cannot be simply defined.  Cassia Joint School District views curriculum as a key element in the educational process; its scope is extremely broad, and it touches virtually everyone who is involved with teaching and learning. Because the adoption of curricular resources is so important, the district follows a comprehensive process when deciding on the resources to be used throughout our schools.

    Each curricular content area taught within Cassia Joint School District is evaluated on a rotating basis using a rigorous process which generally spans several months and includes extensive research, grade-level collaboration, and board approval.  For the adoption of new curricular resources, a committee is formed at the district level which may include representation from a variety of stakeholders:  teachers, administrators, patrons, parents, and board members.   Each year, the district analyzes at least one content area and makes suggestions for new, cutting edge resources to serve as a tool for teaching and learning. Despite the extensive nature of curriculum adoptions, the district is committed to providing adequate resources for staff to powerfully teach and for students to continually succeed and grow.  Funding for curricular resources comes from a variety of sources such as the state department of education, grants acquired by the district, and supplemental levies.