Welcome to 7th & 8th Grade English/Language Arts
Anne Frank  
Coming soon to an 8th grade class near you: What does it feel like to be Ostracized?
We'll hear about a survivor from Auschwitz, read the play based off of Anne Frank's Diary, and we will read about Japanese Americans in internment camps in the United States.
Write Good  
Both the 7th and 8th graders will also begin writing more than just simple prompts. Each class will be working on developing their argumentative skills!!! Be ready parents for your students to start justifying their choices and giving you evidence.
A Christmas Carol  
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens will be read by my 7th Grade English class.  We are going to read the play version and then compare it to Disney's A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carey (animated version). It's always interesting to see different perspectives, because according to Edmund Wilson, "no two persons ever read the same book."