Food Production

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2nd Period:  Food Production
                                 Students will take the Idaho Food Safety and Sanitation Course earning their five year certificate that will qualify and prepare them to work in any food establishment in Idaho. They will also compete at the District and State levels in Culinary Competitions. They will gain restaurant experience by interning with the lunchroom and nearby restaurants in the area. Students will also make and sell food items to students, staff, and community during and after school to gain experience with the production and business side of being and entrepreneur.

3rd Period:  Adult Living

                          Students will learn various skills needed to be a successful adult.  Including, Nutrition and Foods, Sewing/Mending, Finance/insurance, Parenting, Housing, Communication Skills.


4th Period:  Child Development

                               Students will learn all stages of the developing child.  From birth through elementary.  Parenting Skills will be discussed also.  Observations at the elementary school will be included in the curriculum as well as the RealCare Baby.