• Mr. Dusty Hi there, my name is Mr. Fisher (Dusty for you parents).  I am the "new" choral conductor.  The apostrophes around the "new" mean that this is now my 5th year with Burley High School. I have served as Drama teacher, Band director, and have finally landed in my heart's desire, Choir.  Bel Cantos is the top auditioned group and there will be a link specifically for them.  My hopes are to use this site to publish parts for the music for practice.  I am very excited to continue to serve at BHS. My newest ensemble is the advanced women's choir, Bella Voce.  You will be hearing some very nice things from them soon.
    I am also the Assistant Director for the King Fine Arts Center.  My responsibilities for the KFAC involve scheduling for Cassia County School District events, as well as organize work crews for all functions.  I teach 2 very select classes of Music Technology, training the students how to work all aspects of the KFAC.  These students are the backbone of the performing arts technology requirements of the school. .
  • Douglas "Dusty" Fisher
    Conductor of Choirs
    Assistant Director, King Fine Arts Center
    (208) 878-6606


    Current Schedule:
    1A - Choir
    2A - Prep
    3A - Bel Cantos
    4A - Music Tech
    1B - Choir
    2B - Jr. High Choir (at BJHS)
    3B - Prep
    4B - Music Tech
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