Mrs. Carson
  • Welcome to Science!  I love teaching school and watching students learn and grow.  I truly believe that knowledge is power and I am grateful that I live in a country where education is a right given to all. This year I am co-advising the Science Club with Mrs. Withers.  We will be entering some STEM competitions that take place at Idaho State University.  
    I also coach Cross Country.  I love the sport of running because everyone gets to participate.  I encourage everyone to join the team no matter their running ability. Cross Country teaches hard work and self discipline.  It is also a lot of fun and a great place to make lasting frienships.  
  • Carrie Carson
    Science Instructor
    (208) 878-6606


    Current Schedule:
    1A - Phys Science
    2A - EveryDay Chemistry
    3A - Phys Science
    4A - Prep
    1B - DC Chemistry
    2B - Honors Phys Science
    3B - DC Everyday Chemistry
    4B - Prep
    Office Hours:
    Wednesday and Thursday - Second Lunch
    Science Club:
    Meeting: 1st and 3rd Friday of each month (Room 200)
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