Mrs. Shaw
    I love the truthfulness of mathematics!  Most mathematical theory has been proven hundreds of years ago and has not changed.  Recently, mathematics has been under criticism for being "new" with the adoption of Common Core.  The actual mathematical standards have not changed.  During my schooling and the beginning of my teaching career, math classes were focused on memorizing algorithms to solve each individual problem.  This practice ultimately leads to a brick wall of frustration as we fill our brain with so many algorithms that they begin to blend together.  By focusing on understanding the algorithms and proving the theorems, math classes are better preparing students for success in advanced courses.  Math problems can and will always be solved in a variety of ways and my students are free to use any method which leads to correct solutions.
    I am a Ute at heart as I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Utah.  I have a Master's of Science Degree in Mathematical Education from Boise State University.
    I have five children that are learning from educators all over the world (Dominic in South Korea, Marisa in Thailand, the other three in Cassia County Schools).  I teach each class with the energy and dedication I expect from those teaching the ones I love!
  • Cindy Shaw
    Mathematics Department Chair
    Math Instructor
    (208) 878-6606
    Room 212


    Current Schedule:
    1A - College Algebra (Dual Credit)
    2A - Algebra 2
    3A - Prep
    4A - Algebra 1
    1B - College Algebra (Dual Credit)
    2B - Algebra 2
    3B - Honors Algebra 2
    4B - Prep
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