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    1A--Eng. 12

    2A--AP Lang & Comp (Dual)

    4A--Eng. 12

    1B--Eng. 11

    2B--Eng. 12

    3B--Eng. 12

    WELCOME to MizTat's World!
    I'm so happy that every student "has to" take English every year; that means I get to know a lot of you! I also have the blessing of working on improving my students' communication skills through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Plus, we get to work on being rational and logical throughout all of my discussions. This plays in to my ultimate goal of helping my students make every choice clearly, thoroughly, and with supporting evidence.
    I am using Chromebooks frequently with a reliance on Google Classroom, so all my students need to use their school's email account and sign up to their classes. I use Remind.com to send video links and other messages to students throughout the week. One would think that, given my advanced age, technology would not be incorporated. However, I believe that students should have exposure to real-world skills and uses; technology is one of these skills.

    A little about my background: I earned my BA in English from BYU just after the Dark Ages. I wrote for the Times-News as a free-lance writer for 15+ years, taught piano, and reared my four gorgeous daughters while helping my husband on the farm, mostly with bookkeeping. I started teaching at Burley High School in 2005, and I liked it so much, I had my daughters switch to this school district.
    I am in Room #110, so come see me any time. Chocolate is always welcome as well.  Smiley