• Mr. Silva
    For those of you who may not know me very well, I have been teaching at Burley High school for close to twenty five years. Yes , I have encountered that second generation of students who tell me that I was their parents teacher as well. It's a good thing I love teaching....and history. My oldest daughter Emily was just a year old toddler when I started and she has alrady graduated from college!. Two of my three children have graduated from BHS and I currently have the last one, as a Senior. My roots run deep at Burley High and my blood is partially green. I received my Bachelors from BYU and my Masters from Boise State.
    • Art Silva
      Social Studies Instructor
      (208) 878-6606
      Current Schedule:
      1A - Honors US History
      2A - US History
      3A - Prep period
      4A - US History
      1B - US History
      2B - World War II Elective class
      3B - World War II Elective class
      4B - Student Council