Declo Junior High aspires to the following “Belief Statements”:

           1.    Education is the foundation of successful and productive lives.

           2.    Education is essential for a strong community, state and nation.

           3.    Students and parents share the responsibility for learning.

           4.    All students can learn given a relevant curriculum, skillful and dedicated educators,
                  and appropriate opportunities.

           5.    Each student is unique and has self-worth.

           6.    Students learn best in a positive environment.

           7.    Students and school personnel have a right to a safe and comfortable environment.

In addition to the aforementioned beliefs, our school has the following citizenship expectations:

                                                Be RESPECTFUL

                                                Be PREPARED

                                                Be COURTEOUS

                                                Be RESPONSIBLE

                                                Be TOLERANT

We love to Be at Declo Junior High School where we are “Making the Middle Matter”!