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    Club Overview

    Raft River High School offers clubs like Yearbook , B.P.A., Pep Band, Drama, National Honor Society, FFA, FCCLA, RRAD, Choir, Student Council.

    All Students Welcome.


    Mrs. Hogan


    The members of this club will take some pictures of everyone at school and at the events.


    BPA site

    Mrs. Hogan


    This is where you will learn how to finance your money. These members compete and if they win, they get to go on a field trip, like this year they will go to Disney World.

    IDFY Idaho Drug Free Youth

    Mrs. Jensen.


    This club is dedicated to bringing awareness about the bad effects of drugs. 

    National Honor Society (NHS):

    Sheryl Cottle


    Mrs. Schumann


    National FFA Organization is where you can learn more about agriculture and leadership opportunities. Talk to Mrs. Schumann for more information.


    Mrs. Alves

    This is a very tasty club, where the students will learn how to prepare different foods for their school community and for themselves. Talk to Mrs. Alves for more information.

    Pep Band:

    Mrs. Chatterly

    The members of the club will play, use, and learn about instruments. They also play at the home football and basketball games.


    Mrs. Chatterly

    Performing on stage and singing on holidays, there is a spring concert and a Spring play.


    Mrs. Chatterly

    This club is very artistic. The students will learn a more specific form of acting and use expressions.They perform at the Veterans program, during Christmas activities, Spring play and at the end of the year the Dessert Theater where they put everything they learned in action and seniors direct.

    Student Council:

    Mrs. Spratling

    This is about the school presidency; president, vice president and secretary for every class and school. Talk to Mr. Boden for more information.