• Find Books. Search for books in our library and in other Cassia County school libraries. Our library name is DJH Library and there is no password.

    Test. Test using the ReadnQuiz online resource.

    Evaluate Websites. Use this List of Questions. Here are two articles you can practice on... Are they good for research or not? One is about Global Warming and the other is about Immunizations.

    Find Articles. Search for encyclopedia, newspaper, magazine, and other articles using the LiLI Databases.

    Library Fines? There is no fine for late books. The library does charge the replacement cost for books that are lost or damaged.

    Volcanoes. Here are some online resources for your volcano projects.

    USGS U.S. Volcanoes and Current Activity Alerts page. Either click on a volcano on the map or use the Find A U. S. Volcano dropdown menu.

    Global Volcanism Program from the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Use the volcano search under the Database tab.

    Lili Databases: Gale Virtual Reference Library. Select the GVRL icon in the Featured Resources box. Search for Volcano, select the first three entries from UXL Encyclopedias.

    Lili Databases: World Book Web Encyclopedia. Select the World Book Web icon in the Featured Resources box. Select Student.

    Google: "list of volcanoes". Scroll and select your volcano. Look for official websites: Countries (.us, .uk), .gov, .edu

    LiLI Databases: Search for newspaper, magazine, and other news articles using the Newspaper Source Plus database.

    Media Bias Chart: Check to see if your news source is reliable.

    EasyBib: Cite your work.

    Make your volcano ERUPT! Or watch this volcano made from wooden matches ERUPT! Or watch this video using mentos, soft drinks, and baking soda ERUPT!