• Rick Robinson
    Mr. Robinson          email:  robricky@cassiaschools.org
    • Exploring Woodworking
    • Introduction To Technology
    • Exploring Communications
    • Exploring Technology 1
    • Exploring Technology 2
    Exploring Woodworking:
    In this class, students will learn how to safely use woodworking tools and machines.  They will build a variety of projects that utilize the machines we have available.  These projects could include:  Nameplate, magazine rack, bookcase, nightstand, cedar chest.  They may also have some time to design and build a project of their choice.
    Introduction to Technology:
    Students will learn about the 5 areas of Technology.  As they learn about the areas, they will be able to build some projects from those areas.  Projects could include:  Delta Dart airplanes, shelf, stool, boomerang, Balsa wood glider.
    Exploring Communications:
    Exploring Communications deals with different forms of Communications.  It may include people to people, people to machines, machines to people and machines to machines types of communication.  Projects will include video editing, computer aided drafting, programing lego nxt robots, and screenprinting.
    Exploring Technology 1:
    Students will study drafting principles, and then design and build a CO2 car, a mousetrap car, and possibly a solar car.
    Exploring Technology 2:
    Students will study aspects of Construction Technology.
    Exploring Woodworking Tests
    Exploring Woodworking Pretest