Cassia High School



LEADERSHIP   (1 elective credit)

                   Starts Thursday, Sept 8th 3:30 PM @ Cassia High School

                   Class meets Thursdays thru November

         Come prepared to learn to be a super star student. 

         Learn to organize, prioritize, and study effectively!


CRIMINAL JUSTICE CAREERS  (1 elective credit)

                    Starts Tuesday, September 13th 3:30 @ Cassia High School

Class meets Tuesdays thru November.

Explore criminal justice careers with hands on experience! 


STRENGTHENING FAMILIES (1 elective credit)

Starts Wednesday, September 14th 3:15 PM @ Cassia High School

Class meets Wednesdays – a calendar will be given at class.

This class is taught as a partnership with University of Idaho Extension and Cassia Regional Medical Center nurses.



Instructors:  Lauri Heward, Principal - Cassia High School

  Mike Matthews,  Idaho Dept. of Correction