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It's OK to say, "I need help."

  • Connect is a resource to help address a broad range of personal difficulties that may be causing distress. This benefit is FREE to any Cassia student grades K-12.


    What this means to you: Sometimes kids are suffering with issues that aren't easily addressed with a bandaid, a cast, or a trip to the medical doctor. Sometimes families and schools feel the effects of grief, loss, substance abuse, personal or emotional challenges, stress, anxiety, depression, etc, etc, etc. These kinds of challenges aren't easily handled by telling your child, "keep your chin up." or " things will get better". If you or your child find yourself in a position that you are saying these types of statement over and over, you may want to talk to someone with CONNECT.  We are so committed to helping that we are paying for your introduction to these counseling services.

    Click here for steps on accessing Connect