• Hi! I'm Mary Dawn Wakhre and I am a SPED resource teacher at Burley High School. I graduated from Minico in 1972, BSU in 1990 With a degree in Sociology, a minor in English and an emphasis in Secondary Education. I had a CADC for a while, (Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor) I worked as an Alcohol and other Drug Counselor for 14 years. I worked for 8 years in schools and the community as an IBI (Intensive Behavioral Interventionist). In 2018 I worked to get my Teaching Certificate and came to work at Burley High School in in 2018.This year I am teaching 9th and 10 grade Essential English.

  • Mary Dawn Wakhre

    SPED Resource Teacher


    208-876-6606 ex 2104 on A days, ex 2112 on B days

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  • Class Schedule

    1A) Guided Tutoria

    2A) Prep

    3A) Ess. English 10

    4A) Ess. English 10


    1B) Prep

    2B) Ess. English 9

    3B) Ess. English 9

    4B) Guided Tutorial

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