Mr. Seely

Welcome Mr. Seely!


     Mr. Matt Seely

    Mr. Seely spent 12 years as an administrator at White Pine. He comes to JVE this year, 2019-2020. Mr. Seely is passionate about education. He attributes the success of White Pine to outstanding teachers and great students. He is excited to achieve the same success at JVE.  He believes strongly in the power of education to grant opportunity to any individual who takes the initiative to excel.  His goal is to create a welcoming and engaging learning environment where students will reach their potential and realize the thrill and fulfillment of learning.
    Prior to White Pine, Mr. Seely taught 7th and 8th grade Math and History at Burley Jr. High School.  Mr. Seely completed his undergraduate work in History and Mathematics Education at Brigham Young University.  He also holds a Masters of Education degree in Educational Administration from the University of Idaho.  Amid both academic degrees, he says his most powerful learning experiences have come from interacting with dedicated teachers and students over the past 20 years.