• To ensure the safety of our children, we do have a school safety plan in place.  It is reviewed often and new procedures need to be implemented periodically to address new concerns.  


    Please help us keep the children safe by:

    ·        Helping us to limit the amount of adults on the playground and in the building.  If you have a need to be in the building, please sign in at the    office and get a Visitor’s Pass from the Secretary.  You will also need to sign out when you leave the building.


    ·        Not using the large front gate or the side gate by the front entrance in the morning or afternoon (it will be locked).  We have asked the students to enter the playground from inside the building. No adults will be allowed on the playground.


    ·        Remind your child to come into the building when they get off the bus in the morning.  They will enter the playground from the building.


    ·        Not stopping at any of the fences to speak with your children.  This presents an unsafe situation.


    •  We have security doors installed by the office. This will help limit the amount of people that will have access to our students.


    As always, your child’s safety is our priority. 


    Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me.


    Mr. Wes Nyblade