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  • Open Library Hours:

    8:00-8:15 Every morning

    8:25-8:55 Wednesdays

    8:25-11:15 Thursdays

    8:25-11:15 Fridays


    • I will be collecting late fees for books turned in after the due date. I do give a week grace period, because this is an elementary school and I am trying to teach them how to be accountable, but not expecting perfection.  There is a $0.05 charge on a book for every day that it is late. I will tell all of the students (drill it into their brains) that they are responsible for bringing their books back every week, EVEN IF they are renewing them. I have to have the book here to renew it to them.
    • Students with overdue, lost, or damaged books will not be able to check out any more books until the books have been returned or paid for.
    • 2nd-6th grades:   I will be encouraging students to choose at least 1 book that is a good fit for them. (Rule of thumb: be able to read all but about 6-7 words on a page.) All of the new books did not come with a reading level attached, so I have been advised that this is the best way of handling levels. They will also be able to check out a book of their choice, so 2 books in total.   1st grade:  will still be checking out just one book.