• I love working in the Raft River Schools with students in grades Kindergarden through 12. I enjoy helping students plan for their future as well as teaching them about character and good communication. I am naturally drawn to the idea that emotions, experiences, and home lives shape a student’s ability to think, act, and achieve, so teaching lessons on good character, bullying prevention, and being kind are truly the best moments of my job.

     I enjoy having the opportunity to encourage people to slow down and really explore the good, the bad, and the friction points in education. Often times I end up working through these issues in my job.  Its very rewarding to feel personally aligned with our school Belief statements:


    Belief Statements

    1. Education is the foundation of successful and productive lives.

    2. Education is essential for a strong community, state and nation.

    3. Students and parents share the responsibility for learning.

    4. All students can learn given relevant curriculum skillful and dedicated educators and appropriate opportunities.

    5. Each student is unique and has self-worth.

    6. Students learn best in a positive environment.

    7. Students and school personnel have a right to a safe and comfortable environment.

    8. The resources of the distrcit should support the mission and these beliefs.


     I currently live in Park Valley, Utah, with my three wonderful children and my dashing husband. I love to read books, spend time with my family in the mountains and I enjoy traveling around to rodeo's all summer. Long ago I was a high school Ag teacher, but have since discovered my dream job of school counseling. I have recently developed a new hobby: driving. . .really far. . . to work. Life truly is great!