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Background Information


    In the Fall of 2017, a group of local librarians, PTO leaders, and concerned parents came together to discuss ways to ensure that the four Burley Elementary School Libraries--Dworshak, John V. Evans, Mountain View, and White Pine--are ready to meet the changing needs of those schools when the student populations are realigned in the Fall of 2018. It was decided at that time that the schools, librarians, and PTOs would work together on shared activities over the next year to fill those libraries in an equal fashion. Three specific ideas emerged from that meeting; Donation Boxes, Titlewish donations, and cash donations.

    Shared Activities

    Donation Boxes. Each of the four schools will set up at least one donation box where people can donate 'new' or 'like new' books throughout the 2017-2018 school year. All books donated will be divided equally between all four schools prior to the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Books that do not fit the needs of the libraries will be made available to the classroom teachers in the schools for their classroom libraries. 

    Titlewish Donations. Throughout the next year, a Titlewish Online Fundraiser will be run through Follett. Each school will have a link to the donation site. 100% of the money donated, plus an additional 10% from Follett, will be used to purchase high quality, shelf-ready books in equal amounts for the four school libraries.

    Cash Donations. Each school library will accept cash donations. 100% of the money donated, plus a matching 50% through the UsBorne Books/Educational Development Corporation Literacy For A Lifetime Grant Program, will be used to purchase books in equal amounts for the four school libraries.

    School-Specific Activities

    Each school may continue to do their own collection development activities during the next year, including book fairs, fundraisers, grant writing, etc. Patrons may still make school-specific cash donations to individual libraries*. These activities and associated funds and materials will not necessarily be shared** with the other schools.

    * All cash donations will be added to the shared activity fund UNLESS it is indicated at the time of donation that the donation is meant to be school-specific

    ** Librarians at each school make the final determination about which items are added to their libraries and which items might be relocated to another library within the district