• Soccer Schedule 2019-2020


    Date                Day                 Traveling                    Home              Time  

    Week 1           29-Aug            Thu.                O'Leary           vs.        Burley             4:30


    Week 2           5-Sep              Thu.                Burley             vs.        South Hills      4:30


    Week 3           10-Sep                        Tue.                 Stuart              vs.        Burley             4:30


                            12-Sep                        Thu.                Burley             vs.        WR                  4:30


    Week 4           17-Sep                        Tue.                 East                 vs.        Burley             4:30


                            19-Sep                        Thu.                Burley             vs.        West               4:30


    Week 5           24-Sep                        Tue.                 West               vs.        Burley             4:30


                                                    *Idaho Inservice Week Monday and Wednesday games*                                                                      

    Week 6           30-Sep                        Mon.                Burley             vs.        East                 4:30


                                                                Rivalry Week


    Week 7           8-Oct               Tue.                 Burley             vs.        Jerome            4:30


                            10-Oct             Thu.                Jerome            vs.        Burley 4:30    WR


    MVAC Soccer Divisions 2019-2020

    East                            West                                                                          

    Burley                         O'leary                                                                                               

    East Minico                South Hills                                                                                         

    Jerome                        Stuart                                                                                     

    West Minico               Wood River  


    Seeds 1-4 will play a tournament hosted by the 1 seed for boys and girls on Saturday, 10/12/19

    Seeds 5-8 will play a tournament hosted by the 5 seed for boys and girls on Saturday, 10/12/19