• BURLEY HIGH SCHOOL- (updated 2/1/2022)
    Summer classes are now open for enrollment:
    June 6-29 2022
    July 5-28 2022
    Call Patricia Vega at the district service center to sign up, 208-878-6600

     BHS Driver's Ed information and syllabus

    There is a $175 fee for the class. The fee pays for gas, maintenance of the vehicle and the instructor. If the student fails the class, the $175 is nonrefundable.
    To complete driver's education, a student is required to attend 30 hours of class time, 6 hours of driving time and 6 hours of observation in the back seat of the car, while other students are driving. 
    Students are expected to be on time. Three tardies will be counted as an absence and the student will be required to make up time. Students are allowed to miss up to 6 hours and will be required to make-up this time. After the third absence the student will be dropped from the class, no refund. 

    Call Patricia at the central office or more info @ 208-878-6600
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    Summer Driver's Ed classes start April 1, 2022

    Call the school to register 208-862-3328


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    Driver's Ed summer classes begin March 1, 2022


    Please contact Patricia Vega at the district central office for more details.


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Driver's Ed Info