Miss Knopp
  • Miss Chancey Knopp


    (208) 878-6606 ext. 2300


  • Current Schedule: 

    1A - Prep

    2A - Economics & Finance

    3A - Advanced Accounting

    4A - Business Computer Applications


    1B - Accounting 1

    2B - Prep

    3B - Accounting 1

    4B - Business Computer Applications

  • I am very excited to be here at Burley High School. No matter what profession our students end up going into, they can benefit from taking business classes. I have a bachelor's degree in Accountancy from Boise State University and am currently working on my Master's of Education degree from the University of Idaho. I look forward to sharing some of my business/accounting world experience with my future students!


    Also, come check out our Business Professionals of America (BPA) club - you can gain invaluable experiences through competitions and working with others that will benefit you in the workforce and through college!


    Supplies Needed:
    • Computer Applications: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones
    • Personal Finance: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones
    • Accounting I: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, eraser, notebook, ruler, personal headphones
    • Advanced Accounting: Notebook, pen or pencil, eraser, ruler, personal headphones
    Why Take Business Classes?
    • Get a head start on your future! The BHS Business Department is participating in the Idaho Adobe Pilot Project again this year.
    • BHS students enrolled in business/technology courses will have one year of free access to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs and services from home devices as well as at school. 
    • Students who successfully complete at least one Adobe certification will have free access to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs for the remainder of their time at BHS even if they are not enrolled in related courses. Click here, email or come see Mrs. Cole for more information about the ACA exams.
    • Students enrolled in Business Computer Applications classes also have the opportunity to work toward Microsoft certifications. Click the following link for more information about Microsoft  Office Specialist (MOS) Certification and how certification can help you level up.
    • Students enrolled in Business Ownership/Entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to receive a Certiport ESB certification. Click here for more information.