About Mr. Brown

  • I have taught Agricultural Science and Technology since 2011.  I have taught at Burley High School since 2015.  I specialize in welding, fabrication and mechanics.

Mr. Brown

Contact Information

  • Mr. Joseph Brown

    (208) 878-6606

    lunch & advisory information
    Wednesday - Friday
    1st PowerHour - Thurs. 1st Lunch
    2nd PowerHour - Fri. 1st Lunch
    Current Schedule:
    1A -Prep
    2A -Intro to Ag. Mechanics
    3A -Intro to Ag. Mechanics
    4A -Ag. Power Technology
    1B -Ag. Welding
    2B -Prep
    3B -Ag. Welding
    4B -Ag. Fabrication