• I am excited to be at Burley High School! After over 30 years in education I am still excited about learning and sharing new things with others. I hope to meet many of you in one of the business classes that I teach or through the Business Professionals of America (BPA) club. You may also see me around taking pictures to put on the BHS Web site.
    I have a bachelor's degree from Utah State University and a Master's degree from the University of Idaho. I am the mother of three grown children who all participated in business classes and BPA while in high school. They frequently tell me that their business classes and BPA experiences served them well as they went to college, and entered the work force.
    Come talk to me about how business classes, certifications, and BPA can help you gain a competitive advantage for your future!
  • Supplies Needed:

    • Computer Applications: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones 
    • Graphic Design I: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones
    • Graphic Design II: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones
    • Web Design: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones
    • Graphic Design, Printing and Projects: Folder to store papers, pen or pencil, personal headphones

    * Headphones are available in the classroom if you don't mind sharing headphones others have used.


    Course Assignments & Information:

    Please check Google Classroom for all syllabi, assignment materials, and due dates.

    Why Take Business Classes?

    • Get a head start on your future! The BHS Business Department is participating in the Idaho Adobe Pilot Project again this year.
    • BHS students enrolled in business/technology courses will have one year of free access to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs and services from home devices as well as at school. 
    • Students who successfully complete at least one Adobe certification will have free access to all Adobe Creative Cloud programs for the remainder of their time at BHS even if they are not enrolled in related courses. See ACA Overview, email or come see Mrs. Cole for more information about the ACA exams.
    • Students may also apply to receive 3 college credits from Lewis-Clark State College for every certification they receive. 

      The following ACA Exams have been cleared and certified with LCSC:

      Visual Design using Photoshop - PS - PITPT129 (3 Credits)
      Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator - AI PITPT 139 (3 Credits)
      Print & Digital Media Publication Using Adobe InDesign - ID PITPT119 (3 Credits)

      The registrar office at LCSC has been informed and instructed that a student applying to the college need only turn in their ACA certification along with their high school transcripts and the appropriate courses will be applied to their LCSC transcripts. At this point a fee has not yet been established but LCSC expressed it’s hope that they could be done for free. We will keep you posted on this amazing development but at this point the credit option is in place and students will be given credit beginning the fall of 2018 enrollment. 

    • Students enrolled in Business Computer Applications classes also have the opportunity to work toward Microsoft certifications. Click the following link for more information about Microsoft  Office Specialist (MOS) Certification and how certification can help you level up.
    • Students enrolled in Business Ownership/Entrepreneurship will have the opportunity to receive a Certiport ESB certification. See ESB Overview  for more information. 
Picture of Mrs. Cole
  • Mrs. Janet Cole

    (208) 878-6606 Ext. 2301

    Power Hour Times: 

    Wednesday & Friday - First Lunch
    Thursday - First Lunch BPA Meetings

    Current Schedule:

    1A - Web Design
    2A - Graphic Design I
    3A - Prep
    4A - Graphic Design II
    1B - Business Computer Applications
    2B - Graphic Design I
    3B - Prep
    4B - Graphic Design, Printing & Projects