Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kevin Lloyd

Fueled by my love of teaching and my core belief that all students can learn, I have enjoyed 7 years as a classroom teacher in Idaho. I taught second grade for two years as well as third grade for five years. I loved every moment!

This is my ninth year as principal of Declo Elementary and I have loved almost every day too! One exception comes to mind.

On a dark and stormy night I found myself on the roof of our lovely school. I lay awake in the dead of night, soaking wet from the rain, being buffeted in my sleeping bag by the wind,  asking myself three simple questions:

1- "What led me here? 2- Was their a different path I could have taken? 3- Is it worth it?"

Here are my answers.

1- I was led hear because I believe in education!

2- There were many paths I could have taken but I am greatful that this one led me here to all of you.

3- Finaly, the answer is YES! It Is worth everything!

Thank you for your support in making Declo Elementary the best school in the world! We follow The Declo Way!


Kevin Lloyd