• I was so excited to 25 people show up for auditions.  They were all so brave to get up there in front of their peers and perform.  We have such talent in the area. It was a hard decision to assign parts, but I feel we are going to have one awesome show.  I posted the list on the door at school.  I will post it here too(I left it at school-so will post it this afternoon).  I am happy to say that I was able to find a part for every kid that auditioned.  Please keep in mind that there are no unimportant roles.  Together we all will make a wonderful show that everyone is going to love.   We will have our first practice tomorrow after school until 5.  Have your kids bring a snack to eat so they can have lots of energy to work hard.  If parents could come in at 4:45, I will have a parent meeting for the last 15 minutes of the practice.  We can discuss expectations for your child, you as a parent, costumes, scheduling, fund raising. I am so excited to work with your kids.  
    Please let me know if any problems.