• The 3rd Grade has been spending lots of time on their recorders,  5th Grade is making lots of noise on their bucket drums, and 6th Grade just performed at the High School Pops Concert and is getting ready for Choir Festival the first part of May.  All the classes are starting to learn stuff for the Spring Concert.  I can't believe how fast the year is going.  I think I might actually have everyone's name learned by then.  
    Also, I have been doing some exploring with classroom behavior/consequence programs to get my classroom under control.  I am learning a lot as we go and have finally settled on the following.
    1st warning- name on the board
    2nd warning-check mark (owe 5 minutes of recess)
    3rd warning-another check mark (owe 10 minutes of recess)
    4th warning-another check mark (owe 15 minutes of recess and the student needs to make a call home to parent to tell the parent the reason they lost their whole recess)
    We have good kids in our school.  The main issue is talking.  I want music to be fun, and I have a big open classroom where we do have fun and make noise, but learning to be quiet at the appropriate times is challenging.  We are working on it together and things seem to be improving.  If you ever have a concern or question, please feel free to contact me.