• Renee Watterson
    Mrs. Watterson
    8th grade Earth Science 
    7th and 8th grade Astronomy (Elective)
    Earth Science
    I am excited for a great scientific year at BJHS.  We will dig into:
    • Space science
    • Atmosphere - Earth's gases and surrounding particles 
    • Hydrosphere - Earth's water
    • Geosphere - Earth's surface
    I have many fun activities and labs planned for each section.  Come along and enjoy the journey as we travel through the Earth.  
    I can't wait to view the sky with you.  We will learn about:
    • Constellations
    • Rocket science/engineering
    • Mars exploration and colonialization
    • Deep space

    Some of the activities and labs will be brought to you by Isaac Newton.  You won't want to miss the fun!  See you there!!!