• Cross Country Schedule 2019-2020


    Week      DATE     Day              HOST SCHOOL       RACE LOCATION                   Time              


    1          9/5/19    Thursday      Burley                    Pomerelle Mt                                     4:00                                       

    2          9/13/19  Friday            Wood River                       Sun Valley Sage Willows          4:00                                                                                     

    3          9/19/19  Thursday      Jerome                    Jerome Middle School                         4:00


    4          9/26/29  Thursday      South Hills              South Hills M.S.                                  4:00


    5          10/2/19  Wednesday    O'Leary/Stuart     Rock Creek - Marjorie Atkins Memorial    4:30                                                                                           

    6          10/10/19   Thursday    *East and West Minico*  Lake Walcott                               4:00


    *2019 Vera O'Leary M.S. Dues Payer for MVAC awards*                                                                                   

    Considerations, Magic Mtn. and the separate 6th grade race, do we want to find a different race? Open week to run an invite i.e. Bob Firman in Eagle, ID. Sept. 20/21 switch the JMS race to the second week.