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  • Some issues take more time, more talk and more specific help.

    And for those issues we have expanded ways to find help.

    Strong emotional health helps all students reach their full potential as caring, contributing, and responsible friends, family members, coworkers, and citizens. It can also be a powerful lever for contributing to thriving communities. Because of this belief, Cassia Schools seek to support students in comprehensive ways.

    For those wishing to access other avenues of help here's 2 more ways, outside of school counselors.

    We are here to help and please remember,


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    CONNECT: To Hope, to Help- Free to students K-12

    Call 1-800-926-9619

    Connect is a resource to help address a broad range of personal difficulties that may be causing distress. This benefit is free to any Cassia student grades K-12. Families and schools feel the effects of grief, loss, substance abuse, personal or emotional challenges, stress, anxiety and depression. Cassia schools are committed to helping students by paying for an introduction to counseling services. This program is designed to help students with their emotional health needs. This ultimately helps families and schools. Connect has been funded entirely through private donations.

    Learn more about our CONNECT PROGRAM


    Partnership with Family Health Services- select schools

    At Declo Junior, Declo HS, Burley Junior and Cassia HS we have an agreement with a local counseling service that gives access to a licensed counselor at the school, during the school day. 

    Mr. Mathew Bowden is avaiable to take clients and works with students during or after the school day, on site. 

    They bill insurance and have a sliding scale for payment that matches an ability to pay, so payment isn't an obstacle for services. Chat with the school counselor, at these schools, about these services.


    State Help Line

    IdahoSTRONG is here to provide you with resources through the COVID-19 Help Now Line. This website is a collection of resources to help you through hardships caused by COVID-19.