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  • Katie Muir talks SPARK After School Program

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 12:51

    SPARK Afterschool is a program designed to continue the learning experience, in a different way than the school day, immediately after school. This is supported by a grant to specific elementary schools. Although there's a application process to be accepted into the free program, there is an all community afterschool event planned October 23th. Katie Muir, program director, shares the details.

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  • Website and App chat

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:35

    We have updated our website and added features in the hopes of making info easier to find and access. The App is always a great tool on your phones too. Hear some quick tips about what's new!

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  • Trustee Moon Talk about the Connect Program

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 15:37

    It's OK to say I need help! That's the message for Cassia students. Trustee Darin Moon talks about the groundbreaking district program. Connect is a resource to help address a broad range of personal difficulties that may be causing distress. Learn about the whys and hows of Connect.

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  • Kasey Heward, Cassia Teacher of the Year, talks about making student connections and teaching.

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:47

    Teaching in the 21st century is different AND the same as teaching in other times. Mrs. Heward shares her thoughts about reaching students and making a difference. She also shares her recommendations for reading! Tune in as the Cassia Teacher of Year shares her experiences in teaching and how she plans to help her students this year.

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  • Mrs. Miller talks curriculum

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:42

    Maybe you have never wondered how we decided which books to use in the classroom and who makes that decision, BUT, if you have tune in to a chat with Assistant Superintendent, Sandra Miller, to learn about the process.

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  • Pam Teeter talks about Registration

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 14:26

    Listen to a few tips about registering your child this year with Superintendent assistant, Pam Teeter.

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  • Introduction to Podcast

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 4:38

    We are excited about bringing you topics and information that can better help you navigate in your school and the district!

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  • Dr. Shank talks custodial and maintenance changes

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 15:41

    There's a lot of talk about these changes and sitting down with Dr. Shank provides an insight to process and next steps. 

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  • Mr. Copmann talks bullying and supporting students

    by Debbie Critchfield Length: 11:08
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