Did you know bubble

Whether you have lived here your whole life or just moved to Cassia, here's some things to know about us!

  • Cassia is the 13th largest district in the state, geographically larger than Delaware


    Cassia operates the largest "restaurant" in town serving 3500 meals a day


    Cassia is the largest employer in town, with 750 employees, putting nearly $3M each month back into the local economy for salaries, utilities, and supply purchases. Of that total number, 340 are certified teachers and a 1/3 of those have advanced degrees.


    Until 1948, there were 49 school districts in Cassia County alone. 


    Cassia is the sole provider of public transportation with over 45 buses covering 3000 miles a day.


    We maintain 18 school facilities with over 1,000,000 square feet of student occupied spaces.