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           On this page, you will find district benefit information for New Hires.


          Additional benefit information can be found by scrolling down the left hand column of this page.



    District Benefit Eligibility Requirements:


    85% contract for certified employees
    30 hours per week minimum for classified employees


    50% contract for certified employees
    20 hours per week minimum for classified employees

    Additional requirement: Must work five (5) consecutive months without a break in service

    Example:  Employees working during the school year, regular (9) month staff , hired after January 1st do not meet this

    requirement; therefore they are not eligible for benefits until September 1st the following school year, providing their

    position is ongoing.

    *Note: Eligible employees who work less than full time will receive district paid benefits based upon the percent of time worked.

    (Example: 50% teaching contract will receive 50% of the benefits paid for a full time employee.)


    If you choose NOT to enroll in a district offered Health Insurance Plan, a Health Insurance Waiver form is required.



    Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho


    PERSI - Base Plan Overview

    PERSI - Beneficiary Designation  (Effective 1st day of employment)
    Since PERSI is a required contribution plan, the beneficiary designation is required.

    Section 125 - Tax Deferred Insurance Premiums

    Select benefits fall under the Section 125-Salary Reallocation Plan which makes this a required form.  

    Thank you for taking the time necessary to; review these benefits, for completing and PRINTING the necessary enrollment forms and for making an appointment with Kris Zanone, district Payroll Clerk, to review these enrollment forms and to answer questions you may have.  Contact Kris Zanone by email at:  zankrist@cassiaschools.org or by phone at 208.878.6600 ext 116