Making Donations to Schools

  • We live in a generous community that provides tremendous support for our schools. Frequently individuals and businesses ask about tax incentives when donating to schools. Generally all donations to Idaho Public Schools are tax deductible from state and federal taxes, but individuals should consult with their tax advisor or CPA. Idaho even provides some extra incentives on state tax returns for donating directly to Idaho Public Schools.


    Many businesses ask about 501c3 status of the Cassia Schools. The school itself is not a 501c3 entity. This is a special IRS designation that applies to approved Non-Profit organizations. Public schools are Not-For Profit Local Government entities this is something different than a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. As a Government entity they are not eligible for 501c3 status and they are governed under a separate IRS Code 170c1. All of the tax benefits obtained from donating to a 501c3 should still apply for Cassia Schools as well as some additional benefits for individuals and corporations who file Idaho State Tax, however you should consult with a tax advisor or CPA.


    Because many non-local businesses only offer donations to approved 501c3 organizations. A 501c3 named the Cassia Education Foundation has been established. The foundation operates separate from the school district. It has a board of directors made up of local community members and the finances of the foundation are completely separate from the School District. If you wish to use the information of the foundation in soliciting donations or applying for grants you must contact the foundation. The Superintendent of Schools Gaylen Smyer serves on the foundation board and is the main point of contact for the foundation. His email is


    For more information on the foundation visit this section of our website:

    Cassia Education Foundation