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    The purpose of the Migrant Program is to remove the educational barriers encountered by students who are living a migratory lifestyle.
    A student is MIGRANT if they meet the following criteria:
    Within the last 3 years the child moved alone or with a parent/guardian/spouse and the move was from one school district to another
    The move involved a change in residence, the primary purpose of the move was to seek or obtain employment in an agricultural or fishing activity, the employment is temporary or seasonal, and does not require permanent relocation

    There are currently over 200 children enrolled in the Cassia Joint School District Migrant Program!

    Unique Migrant Program Services Include:
    • Migrant preschool collaboration with The Community Council of Idaho to ensure kindergarten readiness
    • Employing a Migrant Graduation Specialist to help support students at the secondary level
    • Identifying out-of-school youth
    • Family referrals to health and community services
    • PAC (Parent Advisory Council)  meetings, minimum of 3 times per year


    LEP/Migrant Program Staff Offices are located in the basement of the Newcomer Center:  1950 Hansen Avenue  Burley, Idaho 83318 
    Phone: (208) 878-6618 + ext.
    Kevin Bushman                ext.  110
    Norma Leon                      ext.  105
    Grace Campos                   ext.  107
    Robert Gomez                   ext.  112


    Kevin Bushman, Migrant Program Director
    Kevin Bushman
    Director, Migrant Program

    Norma Leon, Family Liaison
    Norma Leon
    Family Liaison/
    Identification & Recruitment

    Grace Campos, Migrant Grad Specialist
    Grace Campos
    Migrant Grad Specialist

    Robert Gomez
    Robert Gomez
    Regional ID&R Coordinator