• The Cassia Jt School District No 151 appreciates the service provided by all employees and recognizes that situations arise that constitute change.
    For this reason, All Employees leaving the district are asked to complete an Employee Exit Form through Laserfiche in addition to submitting a formal Resignation Letter with an original signature.
    Employees who have participated in Health, Dental and/or Life Insurance benefits may be eligible for Continuation of Coverage through COBRA after their coverage ending date with the district.  The normal coverage ending date would be the end of the month coinciding with their final paycheck.  For more information regarding Continuation of Coverage for Health, Dental and/or Life Insurance, contact Kris Zanone, Payroll/Benefits Clerk.
    Certified staff  leaving the district may reclaim their teaching certificate from Nicole Gee, Human Resources clerk, once their contract has been fulfilled.
    Classified staff  must submit a final time sheet with projected hours to be worked through their last day.  This time sheet must be submitted to payroll by the 20th of the month; otherwise hours worked after the 10th will be paid on the following month's payroll. 
    Please review the Payroll Information page for clarification of how wages are paid.
    PERSI website: What To Do If I.....
    Employees leaving public employment may be eligible for Separation Benefits from PERSI. 
    For more information on Separation benefits and eligibility contact PERSI at 1-800-451-8228. 
    Should you decide to withdraw or transfer your Base Plan Contributions, complete a Base Plan Account Withdrawal form here.
    Employees retiring after reaching the minimum age of 55, who also have a minimum of five years (60 months) of Public Employment must contact PERSI for an estimate of retirement benefits prior to completing the online Retirement Application Kit. and/or review the Retirement Planning Checklist.
    Please contact Nicole Gee, Human Resources Clerk for information regarding unused sick leave and retiree insurance benefit options.