Under age 65 Retiree Information

Under age 65 Retiree Insurance Benefits are the same as active employee benefits; which are show on the Benefit Resources link.
Retiree pays 100% of premiums after unused sick leave benefit is exhausted (as applicable).
Retiree insurance rates can be found on page 2 of the current year rate/benefit sheet using this link:
Contact Kathy Eklund to schedule an appointment to review insurance options at retirement or you may review options here, print, complete and submit Retiree Enrollment Forms to Kathy Eklund, Human Resources clerk by the 1st of the month prior to retirement.
If you choose to change or cancel any of your retiree insurance benefits, you must do so in writing.
Cancellation notices must be submitted to Kathy Eklund, Human Resources clerk. 
It will then be forward to the appropriate insurance company.