• Breakfast and Lunch Programs      


    Applications are available at registration or in the lunch room for free and reduced lunches. We encourage any parent interested in free or reduced lunches to fill out this application. Many of our Federal programs are funded based upon the number of students who qualify for free and reduced lunches. All information is confidential. Applications may be sent to the Central Office in Burley or turned in to the lunchroom at Oakley Elementary.


    During registration, applications for free and/or reduced priced lunches are available. Students may purchase lunch in the cafeteria or bring their lunches from home. Extra milk may be purchased as the student walks through the lunch line.


    Students may pay for their lunches on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Lunches may be charged, but only as a last option. If the charged lunches have not been paid, after the fifth charge, parents will be contacted to determine why the delay. If there is a need to charge again, a survival lunch will be provided and charged to the student. After 5 survival lunches have been charged, and if the preceding lunches have not been paid for, the lunch ladies will cease serving the student a lunch until all charges have been paid.


    All students may eat breakfast at the school free of charge.