District Funding

The district is committed to providing the best possible education for the taxpayer's dollar. State tax dollars provide approximately 60 percent of the funds needed for school operations. Local property taxes supply 15 percent, federal funds 11 percent, and other local funds comprise the remaining 14 percent.

Because local taxpayers desire to provide a better education for students than is allowed by local property tax limitations, the district has operated for several years with a supplemental levy. This levy provides additional funds to improve education and to attract quality teachers.

The district's current market value of real property for assessment purposes is $852,837,548.

Voters approved a Plant Facilities Reserve Levy in 1988 which provided funding for new schools in Malta, Oakley and Burley. Voters approved a General Obligations School Bond in 1996 of $21,940,000 which provided new secondary schools in Oakley, Declo, and Burley, additions to the secondary school in Malta, and a regional technical center in Burley. Major improvements continue to be made in existing facilities.